Managing Director of Ganbara

Paul Brock

Paul’s Aboriginal heritage comes from his Great Grandmother who was a Barngarla woman of the Whyalla and Port Augusta regions of South Australia. He has for many years been intimately involved in the training and identification of job opportunities for Aboriginal job seekers in the metropolitan and remote regions of South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. This involvement throughout various Aboriginal communities has created numerous infrastructure projects in those communities that benefited all stakeholders.

Paul joined Carey Training in May 2011 and brought with him a long history of management experience and practices, including human resource and financial management, strategic planning, high level industrial relations and business development activities.

Prior to joining Carey Training, Paul was the Manager – Training of the largest private RTO in South Australia (ATEC) and was responsible for all of its operations including managing up to 55 staff, operational budgets, recruitment, marketing, resource management and staff performance and appraisals. His role also included the development and monitoring of strategic plans and staff to achieve targeted outcomes and economic objectives.

Prior to ATEC, Paul managed two Australian Apprenticeships Centres (ATEC and Business SA) and not only carried out many of the tasks previously listed, but also was responsible for developing promotional materials and marketing strategies for Apprenticeships and Traineeships across all industry sectors and vocations and liaising with employer/business organisations to provide information on training programs, financial incentives and associated costs.

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