The Academy Group has diverse capabilities across a broad range of industries.

Ganbara has access to the Academy Group's wealth of knowledge and experience.



From multistorey office complexes and local small businesses to busy airports, Academy has the personnel and management expertise to enhance the working environment of any corporate premises.


The Academy Group has been maintaining Government assets since 1979 and understands the strict requirement to adhere to protocols and processes whilst servicing the needs of Government organisations.


At Academy, we pride ourselves in our industry leading, benchmark setting quality control and performance measures, as well as our expertise in the educational facilities cleaning sector.


Retail clients have total peace of mind when engaging Academy due to our first class quality assurance, comprehensive risk reduction program, training initiatives and technological innovation.


Operating in this highly unique sector, Academy appreciates that healthcare and research facilities need an extreme level of due diligence and strict adherence to protocols and codes of practices.


Academy's dedicated events division covers cleaning workforce, specialised machinery, waste management programs, waste collection systems, recycling systems and programs, and training for large scale events and venues.


Academy has gained considerable and extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, and fully appreciates the demands on such facilities and necessity to minimise disruptions to the manufacturing process.

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